Sitting Yoga allows anyone, anywhere to experience Yoga

It’s that simple, but it doesn’t end there.

Sitting Yoga offers an opportunity to stop, to listen to our body, and to reflect on how we feel. We generally don’t realise how powerful and valuable this is for us.

Just a few minutes of stillness in a chair can change everything. We are sitting in chairs all of the time, so what makes this different? It’s all about connecting with our body and becoming aware of how we feel inside. Sitting Yoga essentially returns us to being with our body in a way that helps us to let go of stress and tension, bring focus and quiet the mind. You get to experience yourself without the noise and demands of the world inside you.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

We are moving all the time, but are we are aware of the quality of our movements and the impact this has on our body? Sitting Yoga brings emphasis to the quality of every movement. It’s through the quality of our movements that we then discover the depth and beauty of who we are inside. On auto-pilot we miss out on all of this. Sitting Yoga reminds us that we can enjoy being with ourselves in any activity or position. Sitting Yoga is a form of Esoteric Yoga, the Yoga of Stillness, that is accessible for everyone regardless of their age or physical abilities. It can be done anywhere because you don’t need anything other than a chair. Read about the history and background of Esoteric Yoga via the button below.

Want to know more?

Where can I do Sitting Yoga?
Sitting Yoga can literally be done anywhere you have a chair. From your office or workplace, to aged care facilities, classrooms, in a wheelchair or even sitting up in bed.
Who can do Sitting Yoga?
Anyone can do Sitting Yoga, as it does not require any previous experience, flexibility or coordination. This makes it perfect for people of all ages and physical abilities, especially those people who have physical restrictions through illness, injury, age, disability or pregnancy.
Are there any poses or postures?
No. There are no poses or postures within sitting yoga, as the focus is simply to feel your body and be with your body without needing to force, change or improve it in any way.
How long is each class?
Sitting Yoga classes can be adapted to any situation and classes can be from 10 minutes to one hour.
What happens in a class?
The qualified Esoteric Yoga practitioner will give simple instructions throughout the classes to support you to observe and feel your body. You will be asked to close your eyes, feel your posture, breath and various movements within the body. As you become more aware, you will find that the body naturally adjusts and knows how to move with openness and ease.
Where does Sitting Yoga come from?

Sitting Yoga is a form of Esoteric Yoga, a modality that supports a way of living that develops body awareness, presence and stillness. Learn more about Esoteric Yoga.

Esoteric Yoga presents the ancient and timeless principles of yoga, which is to live in union with the stillness of our soul.