stillness + simplicity + space

Sitting Yoga focuses on what matters most – you and your body. It’s about connecting to your body in a way that allows you to feel settled and still. Sitting Yoga essentially returns you to being with your body in a way that helps you to let go of stress and tension, bring focus and quiet to the mind. You get to experience yourself without the noise of the world inside you.

The Joy of Stillness

Get to know you

Get to know and appreciate the real you, without the distractions and busyness of life. This deeper sense of who you are is who you meet in Sitting Yoga.

Body care

In Sitting Yoga we learn a way of moving that brings a deep level of love and care to our body.

Sleep well

The way we live during the day determines the quality of sleep we have at night. Sitting Yoga shows us how to prepare for a deep, restful sleep.

Stress less

Sitting Yoga supports us to experience stillness. There is no stress in stillness. We get to feel settled and steady within ourselves without getting caught up in the usual stress of life.

Be focussed

There are so many distractions and priorities in life. Being in sync with our body allows us to get focussed and know what’s needed next.

Relax, let go

It’s often not until we stop that we get to feel how much tension we are carrying. Stopping and connecting with our body is a simple way to let go and unwind in a way that nourishes the body.


Feeling flat, drained and exhausted doesn’t need to be the norm. The moment we take the time to connect with our body, breath and our movements we start to recharge. 

Our body is precious

Quality in Every Movement

Movement is foundational to our health. We can tend to think of movement as just our physical movements but Sitting Yoga supports us to know that movement includes everything: our actions, behaviours, conversations, thoughts, attitudes and intentions.

Esoteric Yoga presents the ancient and timeless principles of yoga, which is to live in union with the stillness of our soul.